Introducing the Space Drop TR-300: Pioneering the future of mobile event venues

Enter the realm of architectural innovation with the sophisticated Space Drop TR-300, a marvel designed to redefine the landscape of mobile event venues. Crafted with precision using 2 100 sqm of top-tier Serge Ferrari materials, this structure epitomises durability, versatility and unparalleled quality.

Innovative Space Drop TR-300, a mobile event venue, constructed using Flexlight membranes.

The Flexlight Lodge 6002 and Flexlight 702 Opaque membranes

At the heart of this architectural wonder lies the Flexlight Lodge 6002 and Flexlight 702 Opaque membranes, setting a new standard for performance and reliability. The Flexlight Lodge 6002 boasts a waterproof and fire-retardant solution, coupled with phthalate-free and Greenguard Gold certification, ensuring safety and comfort without compromise.

Meanwhile, the Flexlight 702 Opaque, renowned for its resilience in extreme environments, elevates both the durability and functionality of the venue. Widely utilised in tented camps across Africa and the Americas, this fabric is engineered to withstand high winds, extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall, all while maintaining its dimensional stability and structural integrity.

The Flexlight 702 Opaque is an ideal choice for tented camps across Africa

With total opacity and a thermal barrier, the Flexlight 702 Opaque guarantees longevity and low maintenance costs, thanks to its wonderful selection of colours to choose from. Its UV-resistant colours and exceptional opacity make it an ideal choice for harsh environments, such as tented camps where durability and visual appeal are paramount.

The advantages extend beyond durability and aesthetics. The ease of assembly and disassembly minimises disruption, making it ideal for remote locations with limited accommodations. Moreover, with minimal environmental footprint upon removal, it epitomises sustainable design in action.

Innovative Space Drop TR-300, a mobile event venue, constructed using Flexlight membranes.

The FLEXLIGHT 702 S2 advantages and benefits for various environments

Beyond the Space Drop TR-300, the Serge Ferrari range offers additional options for permanent and semi-permanent structures. Notably, the FLEXLIGHT 702 S2 delivers unrivalled translucency, blending weight, mechanical strength and aesthetic appeal. Its S2 varnish and Low Wick treatment ensure lasting whiteness and resistance to the harshest environments, making it ideal for sporting facilities, cultural buildings and educational establishments seeking natural light without compromising on security or durability.

With composite membranes offering unparalleled freedom of shape, the possibilities are endless. From iconic architectural landmarks to practical, environmentally conscious solutions, the Space Drop TR-300 and its counterparts exemplify the convergence of innovation, sustainability and timeless design.

The Space Drop TR-300 is a mobile event venue designed using Flexlight architectural fabrics, ideal for outdoor applications

From conception to execution, the Space Drop TR-300 embodies a vision of the future, where architectural marvels seamlessly merge with the natural landscape, enhancing both functionality and beauty. As we look ahead, let us embrace the boundless possibilities that await in the realm of mobile event venues, where innovation knows no bounds.

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