Solar protection and perfect outward visibility

Frontside View 381 is a façade mesh developed by Serge Ferrari, used to date in many applications from building refurbs to new builds. This lightweight mesh blocks around 78% of heat transmission when applied to a building. The openness factor is 28%. The façade mesh can be used not only in the building sector but also in designing fun & funky shade structures. Frontside View 381 is an innovative façade solution, combining creativity and performance.

Internationally there are many vast projects that have been installed, such as the Louis Vuitton head office in Japan:


Locally, we are proud to show off Kasteelpark in Johannesburg where the building needed a facelift. Texwize Architectural was awarded this project and got to work. See the before and after images below:

The material not only allows for great solar protection and view through – it also allows for energy saving as the building will remain cooler and therefore use less energy in attempting to regulate the temperature. There have been case studies conducted in the USA where the energy usage has been reduced by 40%. The survey was conducted before the building was wrapped in the Frontside View 381 mesh – and then again afterwards.

Frontside View 381 is the ideal product to use for revamping a building. It gives the entire building a facelift while acting as an external blind. Using Frontside 381 allows for creative facades. Three dimensional façades are becoming quite popular. Along with effective lighting, the building becomes a feature rather than just another building.


Other local applications include sliding doors (particularly applied to homes in coastal towns), window shutters, and fun walkways.

See image of a shopping centre shade structure installed in Johannesburg:


The material is 100% recyclable and falls in line with Serge Ferrari’s drive to reduce environmental impact. The Frontside view 381 Mesh comes in 17 different colors allowing for individual custom designs and installations. The material also incorporates Précontraint® technology – a unique process whereby the fabric is pretensioned before coating. This ensures the fabric is dimensionally stable throughout its lifespan and will not be influenced by constantly changing weather conditions.

One can also be very creative with lighting up the building at night, when using the Frontside View 381 mesh. The daytime look and feel can be very different to the night-time. Here is an example of a building when lit up at night:


Here is the same building photographed during the day:


The fabric weight is 550g per square meter and can withstand temperature variations between -30 degrees to +70 degrees. What is also important to note is that Frontside 381 can withstand high winds and, along with its 10-year warranty, provides durability and peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about this product or any other product offered by Serge Ferrari, please get in touch with Synchron and we will be happy to set up an appointment with you to discuss the project at hand. We offer technical and design support where necessary and guide your designer/architect in different application methods.

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