The architecture of tomorrow emphasises greater creativity and sustainability

Throughout the years, the Serge Ferrari Group has contributed to many events and iconic tensile architecture structures around the world. Its flexible composite membranes help reduce weight and offer a range of versatile and creative solutions allowing architects to imagine buildings with unique forms, thanks to flexible materials delivering unparalleled technical properties. With innovation at the core of its strategy, the France-based industrial group has specially developed STFE to address the requirements for mechanical and aesthetic durability associated with the most technically challenging projects. 

Lightweight and transparent roof structure in STFE fabric looks like glass

A major breakthrough for the construction and renovation industry

 Building on a continuous trend towards more versatility, natural light and transparency, STFE is the first flexible membrane to achieve transparency levels rivalled only by glass or polycarbonate — materials that are more energy-intensive or require heavier framework — while retaining the same technical strengths as any other Serge Ferrari solution. With a single layer enough to cover the roof or facade of a building, this new material is truly an outstanding technical feat, as it successfully tackles the great challenge of reconciling exceptional mechanical quality, flexibility and transparency, with high visible transmittance (more than 50%).

Unparalleled in the market, STFE is a loose weave fabric (50 to 60% openness) made from polyarylate fibres finished with a transparent coating. The combination of the two results in a material that is at once flexible and easy to shape, lightweight, transparent, highly resistant to mechanical stress, and easy to use during both manufacturing and installation. These qualities have established STFE as one of the most innovative products for the architecture of tomorrow, with emphasis on greater creativity and sustainability.

The benefits of STFE:

  • Versatility: flexibility and freedom of architectural form
  • Light weight (900g/sqm): ten times lighter than rigid material 
  • High mechanical resistance to tearing and stretching (8 tonnes/metre) 
  • High visible transmittance (50%) for visibility through the membrane and permeability to natural light 
  • Resistance to fire (Euroclass B, s1, d0) 
  • Easy installation and manufacturing (HF weldable, no cabling, no inflatable air cushions for tensioning)
  • Excellent durability (ageing tests conducted by independent laboratories have confirmed durability exceeding 20 years).



Innovation at the core of the Group’s strategy

Driving the organisation’s growth strategy, innovation is a cornerstone of Serge Ferrari Group and a major source of differentiation. Covering product formulation, manufacturing equipment and client services, the Group’s research illustrates its unique approach to business and commitment to play its part towards building a better tomorrow. Serge Ferrari Group, which believes in sustainable construction to improve the life of communities, is determined to offer solutions to build better with less, and to take action in that direction.

Large span conservatory clad with STFE fabric provides a lightweight and transparent roof

For the Group, building better means supporting the evolution of living habits with safer, more practical and more durable solutions delivering maximum comfort with great design and quality of life. And building with less means facilitating the use of lightweight and durable materials to address climate and environmental challenges, and providing healthier and more comfortable living environments.

“To do so, we must now recognise our responsibilities and develop innovative composite fabrics that will help imagine applications to tackle urgent environmental challenges ahead.”

STFE fabric provides translucency and protection in large span sports stadium

Initiated in the early years following the company’s inception, the strategic decision to invest heavily in innovation has allowed Serge Ferrari Group to become a leader in a growing number of markets over the years by offering solutions to new expectations, and anticipating future market evolutions. Every year, the Group dedicates 4.5% of its revenues to R&D.

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