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The SADC region offers some of the finest glamping and tented camp venues in the world and Serge Ferrari architectural fabrics have enhanced the design of many of these resorts and camps. We can all be proud of the host of luxury tented camps that are on offer to tourists. Synchron is honoured to have partnered with the companies producing exceptional, bespoke tented camps.

Everyone is familiar with glamping and the designs have become quite modular. Using Serge Ferrari fabrics allow for a unique customised design without losing that feeling of a “safari” experience. The roof designs that have been created by Synchron customers open the space and, in turn, have taken away that feeling of stepping into rectangular tent. This fresh design approach to the outside creates a canvas for a modern but classic approach on the inside.

Fabric roofs merge into the surrounding bush at this luxury eco-resort

When one takes a step back and looks at these beautifully designed camps, what you see is roof structures that blend into the surrounding environment. Serge Ferrari has a large pallet of colours to choose from to enable this. Often the design and shape of the roof mirrors its surrounds, whether it is a range of mountains or a rock formation, the roof structures take on the same kind of organic shapes, creating architectural masterpieces.

Serge Ferrari fabrics offer quality and longevity while providing something unique to the tented camp/glamping market. Many of these camps combine sustainability, sophistication, and ultimate luxury design.

The modular properties of these tented camps enable easy erection. Many Synchron customers have made up the structures in South Africa and then transported them to remote areas and rapidly installed them. This has mitigated the high cost of local building resources and provided quick turnaround times.

Not only do Serge Ferrari fabrics meet international fire and safety standards, but they also require minimal maintenance. The structures themselves are designed to endure severe weather conditions. Serge Ferrari fabrics can withstand sun, wind, snow and extreme temperatures. The flexible membranes are waterproof but, with the well thought out design element and tensioning incorporated into the structure, the fabric allows for easy run off of water and very little movement of the fabric for the duration of its life. Serge Ferrari fabrics thrive on performance.

Sustainability is an important issue in the tented camp market. Sustainability comes hand in hand with sophistication when using Serge Ferrari fabrics. The fabrics are lightweight, not only when working with them, but also in the impact they have on our environment. Because Serge Ferrari fabrics exceed their warranties, the fabric remains in its application for longer. This means the fabric is not a high consumable and can be easily transported away from site when needing to be disposed of. Serge Ferrari pride themselves in being able to recycle their fabrics. 

Luxury glamping unit with an architectural tensile fabric roof

Serge Ferrari fabrics are truly a unique solution to your building design. Whether you are looking for a covered walkway, tented camp room or an eating area, our customers can create something that gives people a unique experience. We really are proud of what our customers have designed and achieved with our fabrics, and we look forward to supporting them well into the future. 

Photos by Nayara Tented Camp

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