The KURZ legacy began as gold leaf distributors in 1892, but KURZ technology and cutting-edge foils have moved beyond embellishment and now simultaneously enhance the way products are made, the way products function, and the way products communicate.

KURZ stamping foils are the intersection where decoration, functionality, communication and security meet. You will see KURZ foils in the graphic, bookbinding, cosmetic, plastics and textile industries.

The Synchron-KURZ interface is synchronous, and innovation lies at the heart of what we both do. Synchron and KURZ have worked together for 40 years and together, we provide customers with technical, logistical and creative expertise.

KURZ manufactures their stamping foils throughout nine facilities worldwide.

Synchron holds KURZ stamping foil stock locally in South Africa and supply the following foils throughout Southern Africa:

  • Metallics
  • Pigments
  • Coding
  • Textile
  • Holographics
  • Security optical variable devices
  • Laminating foil
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Signature Panel foils
  • Exterior
  • General plastic foils
  • In-mould decoration of plastic parts

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