The digital era has influenced almost every aspect of modern life and offers the world of printing different ways of doing things and different results.


The digital era influences every aspect of modern life today, including the world of printing, resulting in more enhanced design and print offering.


DISTORUN® was developed for the cold foil sector and is the preferred choice for processing single images and maximising foil usage. This process enables accurate frame positioning and reduces wastage of foil.

The DM-LINER® TONER transfers metallization digitally onto paper and cardboard substrates. Available in both sheets, and rolls, it gives digital printing machines the ability to produce 100% true metal effects.

The DM-LINER® UV-INK combines ink-jet technology with digital technology to transfer metallization onto paper, cardboard and plastic also producing 100% true metal effects.


KURZ Deep Lens and Spatial FX
Deep Lens is used to create spatial depth and movement. Available in both Hot Stamping and Cold Foil Transfers, it moulds to any shape, can be overprinted to expand the colour palette, and is also available as a transparent lens or holograph.

Spatial FX is a foil print effect that gives the illusion of a relief surface, used to add visual excitement, and prompt a tactile response.


KURZ DIGITAL METAL® is where digital printing, coating, and metal-transfer meet. This process applies real metal to digital printing in a wide variety of colours. It is a cost effective way of producing incredible results within a short production time.


KURZ DIGITAL offers breakthrough technology, streamlined processes, and intelligent software. Digital image processing responds to the demands of high-costs and long lead-times of traditional print processes.

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