KURZ foils fortify products by integrating TRUSTSEAL, track and trace, QR and authentication technology. Security, communication and validation of the supply chain are all achieved through just one tool.


KURZ foils protect brands by creating a product that is virtually impossible to copy.

Through advanced optical technology with serial numbers, logos and QR codes, KURZ foils act as a barrier against counterfeiting.

KURZ foils can be digitally enhanced and embedded to enable track & trace, endorse warranties, authenticate manufacturing origins, operate loyalty programmes, and allow the manufacturer and the end-user to interact.

Labels and barcodes can be printed in corporate colours, acting as an additional deterrent against counterfeiters and fraudsters.

Thermal-transfer foils (TTR Unique) enable “invisible” information to be embedded that can only be revealed under UV light.

Using the pooled expertise of:

  • OVD Kinegram for the management of opticallysecure features
  • PolyIC for printed electronics
  • KURZDIGITAL for digital software solutions
  • KURZ for decoration and security elements

KURZ foils are used extensively around the globe, and in almost every sector, for security.

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