Synchron is all about brand enhancement.

We’re all about quality, service and innovation too, but our end-goal is always to enhance your brand by making it stand out from all the rest, be remembered, be functionally superior, and be a first-choice.

Synchron functions as an umbrella company and represents Serge Ferrari, KURZ and Chiyoda. These selected enterprises have been aesthetically, functionally, and strategically enhancing products and structures for decades.

Serge Ferrari, KURZ and Chiyoda’s products are manufactured in plants throughout the globe – ready to be imported by Synchron to be used in innovative ways throughout Southern Africa and Africa.

We have forged a close relationship with our preferred suppliers over 55 years and are linked by our mutual desire to provide consistent quality, hands-on service, creative solutions, and technical expertise. Always.


Serge Ferrari is synonymous with tensile structures. Used for interiors, exteriors and windows, as well as for industrial and marine applications, their unique range of products enable ground-breaking architectural designs that defy traditional boundaries and challenge conventional construction methods.

The Leonard Kurz Stiftung & Co. company are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of hot and cold stamping foils. Kurz has developed a comprehensive range of foils for an extensive range of markets and applications. At Kurz, everything revolves around the customer, and quality and innovation are of utmost priority.

Chiyoda design and manufacture decorative surfaces that emulate the look and feel of natural materials such as wood, marble, rock and leather. Chiyoda surfaces can be applied to a wide range of substrates and are used in a variety of industries, including: architecture, interior design, furniture design, art, automotive, fashion and coffin manufacturing.

A Global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesives used in graphics applications, manufactured goods and new products

Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials: innovative, sustainable and diverse