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Synchron, founded in 1961, owes its continued success in brand enhancement to the core values of leadership, trust and family values; combined with the purpose and determination to source and supply best-of-breed products for our clients.

Synchron brings to its clients the benchmark standards in brand enhancement. Architects and designers have access to a global-best range in innovative textiles. The packaging and printing industries can offer their branded clients breath-taking foiled designs covering both brand enhancement and security. Our deco foil division enables the transformation of an ordinary substrate into a surface of beauty. And our truck security ‘armoured’ textiles provide peace of mind to logistics companies.

Headquartered in Cape Town, we provide a nationwide support service in product and technical application through our offices and distribution centres in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

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Alan Gillet
Non-executive Chairman

Sarah Sonnenberg
Managing Director

“Every brand has a story – created out of love and passion – that’s where we come in… We’re founded on a simple principle; global best products for brand enhancement, underpinned by a depth of technical expertise.”

Mandy Collins
Sales & Marketing Director

“I love hearing what’s happening with our clients and their projects. And I love finding a unique product solution to inspire and surprise them, so that together we create something beautiful, something of joy and pride and brand ownership.”

James Tooley
Brand & Document Security
Business Development Manager

“Africa faces many challenges, and our contribution towards solving one of them by protecting brand owners, representatives, and their employees, gives me great satisfaction.”

Phumzile Dlamini - Product & Marketing Manager - KURZ Foils

Phumzile Dlamini
Product & Marketing Manager
KURZ Foils

“I love interacting with my customers and helping them find the right foil solution.  And when I walk into a shop and see my customer’s product – beautiful in its foiled display – I feel proud that I have played my small part in this brand’s success.”

Synchron - Product & Branch Manager (JHB) for Serge Ferrari

Clair van Wyk
Product & Branch Manager (JHB)
Serge Ferrari

“I love how our products give that modern flare.”

Primarily focused on products that enable clients to enhance and expand their brands, Synchron offers the following:

Architectural fabrics

Serge Ferrari architectural fabrics are ideal for the following applications:

  • Solar protection
  • Tensile architecture
  • Modular structures
  • Furniture and marine.

View some of the inspirational architectural fabric applications here.

Solar protection fabrics, such as the well-known Soltis range, are used to produce both indoor and outdoor blinds, awnings, pergolas and shade sails. The extensive selection covers requirements such as ventilation, thermal protection, UV-resistance, durability, translucence, waterproof properties, outward visibility, dimensional stability, anti-fungal, as well as block out options. Get in touch with the team at Synchron for guidance on the most suitable fabric for your application.

Tensile architecture, which uses a unique pretensioning technology applied during the manufacturing process of the fabric, relies heavily on specialised fabrics to obtain the required design style. Serge Ferrari fabrics offer a number of options ideal for producing these eye-catching buildings and can be used for roofing, facades and shade protection. High performance membranes offer such properties as lightweight, durability, weatherproof, easy maintenance, light transmission, consistent colour, and structural strength. They are ideal for large span buildings such as sports halls, shopping centres, building facades and shade structures, offering architects an exceptional level of design freedom and creativity.

Modular structures, particularly popular for the eco lodge market, are created using specialised composite membranes from Serge Ferrari. Developed to provide light and optimise thermal and acoustic comfort, these specialised membranes are easy to maintain and available in many colours. Other applications include both temporary and semi-permanent structures for storage or events.

Furniture and marine applications require UV-resistance, durability, waterproofing and ease of maintenance. Serge Ferrari fabrics guarantee these properties and are available in a wide range of colours and options. They are ideal for outdoor furniture and nautical upholstery.

Foils for packaging and labels

Synchron represents KURZ foils in southern Africa and has a played a large role in many of the iconic label and packaging designs we see today. With hot stamping, cold transfer and digital stamping solutions available, these foil embellishments add exclusivity, quality and value to your packaging and labels, enhancing and expanding on design options available to you.

Transfer foils can be used on paper, board, textiles, cosmetics and plastics, in various industries.

Have a look at these packaging options using cold transfer technology, resulting in a lustrous and exciting finish.

Hot stamping brings a tactile quality to labels and packaging, while ensuring your product stands out on shop shelves. Foiling is popular in packaging for the wine and alcohol industry, and also works exceptionally well in the personal care and cosmetic packaging sectors.

Our KURZ transfer technology leaves no plastic parts (PET) on the product and uses no laminate. Our decorations are pure transfer decorations, thereby sustainable and recyclable. We offer customers maximum certainty with regards to raw materials used and responsible use of resources.

We are a full system supplier and are able to provide a complete solution, if required, from the digital transfer machine to the transfer foil to the ink.

Brand security – protection from fakes and counterfeiting

Synchron offers a number of solutions to protect your brand from fakes and counterfeiting. KURZ is a pioneer in combining decoration, security, function and interaction and offers brand protection solutions such as foil based security systems for money, security labels, authentication systems, piracy protection, and labelling for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • TRUSTCONCEPT® und SCRIBOS for product plus brand protection 
  • KURZ DIGITAL for customiszed digital products and services
  • OVD Kinegram – one of the world’s leading providers of security solutions for the protection of government documents

Create added value – for yourself and your customers, with unique optical brand protection solutions using proprietary technologies. Or combine visual elements such as OVDs, logos or serial numbers with digital functions such as product authentication, track & trace or loyalty programmes, via smartphone.

Have a look at our brand security options here.

Truck security – anti-theft truck tarpaulins

Defender security mesh textiles from Serge Ferrari are used to produce anti-theft truck tarpaulins that prevent looting and theft from trucks, ensuring security of the cargo. These mesh truck tarpaulins are lightweight, yet exceptionally laceration resistant.

The level of protection provided by Defender mesh enables carriers to ensure the safety of goods while building up their image and credibility with their freight clients. The Defender weave structure provides unequalled flexibility, so curtains keep all the handling qualities during covering and uncovering. The Defender can be used with new tarpaulins but also on existing ones, meaning a whole fleet can be fitted out at low cost and, if required, tarpaulins can still be repaired.

Find out more about Defender security mesh for trucks here.

Deco foil for interior décor

Chiyoda decorative surface and printed products for interior décor. Inspired by nature, these decorative foils can be used on panels, furniture, profiles, doors, ceilings and walls, adding realistic décor surfaces. See some of the deco foil applications here.

We’re founded on a simple principle; global best products for brand enhancement, underpinned by a depth of technical expertise…
Sarah Sonnenberg, MD Synchron

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