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In March 2019, Synchron collaborated with Packaging & Print Media (PPM) on their front cover. The cover announced an advertiser’s landmark investment in a Durst Tau 330 RSC eight-colour press for its latest venture into digital label printing. This is a prime example of how the aesthetics on the front cover were considerably enhanced by foiling.

Apart from the design created by PPM’s designer and Synchron’s sponsorship of the Kurz stamping foil (the one used was Kurz MTS Blue 369), another key player in the foiling of this front cover was Printafoil. Both Synchron and Printafoil, Cape Town-based companies, have played pivotal roles in PPM’s multiple projects.


When it comes to brand enhancement, Synchron provides undisputed expertise. As MD, Sarah Sonnenberg, puts it: ‘We’re all about quality, service and innovation, but our goal is always to enhance a brand by making it stand out from the rest.’

Competition is rife throughout the global print market but Synchron is always awake to new concepts that allow printers to produce truly stunning products and sustainable brands. ‘Those of us in the supply chain need to create South African brands that stand proudly next to one another globally and to support this with passion and energy!’ states Sonnenberg.


And, just like any pack or commercial print, PPM is a brand that deserves the best. ‘We believe in adding value to the industry and will continue to share technical knowledge, develop designers’ knowledge, and expose the market to ongoing developments taking place at Kurz.’

The Synchron-Kurz interface is synchronous, and innovation lies at the heart of what the two companies do. Synchron and Kurz have worked together for over 40 years, providing printers with technical, logistical and creative expertise.

Expertise in hot-foil stamping

But just as important as the top-quality foils available from the Synchron-Kurz partnership, is the technical ability to achieve perfect application to the printed product.

Using a printer that is well-known among brand owners for their expertise in the fields of hot-foil stamping, die-cut windows and gluing is also a huge advantage. In the last few years, many specialised printers have seen the installation of several new machines in the finishing departments, allowing them to keep pace with demand for these services.


Award-winning foiled boxes

Pictured above, the third edition of the Box in Box from Leonhard Kurz received a Special Mention at the German Design Awards 2019. The Box in Box is a collection of elaborately finished sample designer boxes issued annually by Kurz as inspiration for creative packaging design. It was described by jury members as ‘an exciting concept, implemented splendidly, that invites us to go on a journey of discovery’.

KURZ foils are represented in southern Africa by Synchron, which has also contributed significantly to many of the classic label and container designs we see today. These foil decorations can be added to your packaging and labels using hot stamping, cold transfer, or digital stamping techniques, increasing and extending the range of design options you have.

Get in touch with Synchron if you would like to add enhance your packaging designs using KURZ foils. We have lots of ideas to share!

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