Enhance your products with hot stamping plastic decoration

KURZ’s innovative hot stamping foils and streamlined production methods provide a significant competitive edge. With a diverse range of designs, including standardised programs for basic needs and customised solutions tailored to specific requirements, you can achieve stunning results. Whether you prefer colour-graded, metallised, glossy or matte finishes, their high-quality and eco-friendly hot stamping foils offer endless possibilities. Plus, their efficient manufacturing processes allow for cost-effective design variations, ensuring flexibility without compromising on quality. Additionally, they provide state-of-the-art machinery and tools through the KURZ Group to streamline the finishing process. If you have unique specifications for finishing and durability, KURZ can help collaborate and find the perfect solution for you. With an extensive global presence and numerous production sites, they’re equipped to serve a wide range of industries worldwide.

Metallised decor finishing in silver, gold or chrome, in high-gloss, matte or brushed variants

LUXOR®/ALUFIN®: pure luxury on your surfaces

Do you want to give your surfaces a particularly luxurious and elegant touch? Then opt for the metallised decor finishing in silver, gold or chrome, in high-gloss, matte or brushed variants. Benefit from the diverse design options that are available to you. The aluminium-metallised coatings LUXOR® and ALUFIN® are world-renowned. LUXOR® is available in gold tones as well as colourised metal tones, and ALUFIN® silver plates your surfaces.

These hot stamping foils are meticulously engineered to meet your specific requirements, ensuring impeccable edge definition, superior adhesion, optimal temperature resistance, and exceptional abrasion and scratch resistance. Additionally, this range includes specialised finishes such as SLM films, ideal for applications in consumer electronics, automotive and furniture industries.

For those seeking the sophisticated appeal of brushed-metal finishes, the BRUSHED range offers a diverse selection of textures, matte effects and metallic hues. The tactile brushed structure lends an authentic feel, while the chrome decors exude luxury and elegance with glossy, semi-matte and brushed finishes. Notably, the chrome foils boast robust corrosion protection, ensuring durability even in harsh weather conditions.

The unique advantage of KURZ’s hot stamping foils lies in their dry chrome plating process, eliminating the need for electroplating and enhancing safety, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, these foils allow for selective metallisation and backlighting effects, enabling the creation of captivating and personalised plastic surfaces.

Colour ranges for COLORIT and UNICOLOR hot stamping foils

Unleash your brand’s vibrancy with COLORIT® and UNICOLOR

Impress your customers with the hot stamping foils of the COLORIT® and UNICOLOR series. These finishes are cost-effective and reduce the burden on people and the environment. KURZ offers a wide range of standard colours and can also develop coatings in your corporate colours or according to individual preferences.

For versatile decoration needs, the COLORIT® range offers a spectrum of vibrant hues, ideal for enhancing paper, cardboard and plastic surfaces. Opt for the glossy COLORIT® 800 series or the matte COLORIT® 900 series for stunning effects, even on challenging surfaces like lipstick cases.

These hot stamping foils boast easy processing, exceptional abrasion resistance and superb coverage. Meanwhile, UNICOLOR presents the perfect solution for full-surface decoration in consumer electronics, delivering a brilliant gloss, uniform colours and unmatched durability against scratches and abrasions. Compatible with various substrates and processing methods, these finishes offer endless possibilities.

TRUSTSEAL hologram foils for plastic surfaces

KURZ TRUSTSEAL® Lens and TRUSTSEAL® SFX: stunning decoration effects

Whether flat or raised, textured or smooth, experience the enchantment of TRUSTSEAL® Lens hologram foils as they breathe life into your plastic surfaces. These foils add a captivating spatial depth to labels that captivates the eye and intrigues the senses.

Available in silver, gold or transparent options and adaptable to both rounded and angular shapes, TRUSTSEAL® SFX delivers mesmerizing 3D effects that leave a lasting impression on labels and stickers. These hologram films are not just attention-grabbers; they embed themselves in the memories of your customers, ensuring lasting brand recognition.

KURZ empowers you to elevate your products with innovative hot stamping plastic decoration solutions. With a versatile range of designs and customisable options, their hot stamping foils offer endless possibilities to enhance your brand’s appeal. From the luxurious finishes of LUXOR®/ALUFIN® to the vibrant hues of COLORIT® and UNICOLOR, and the captivating effects of TRUSTSEAL® Lens and TRUSTSEAL® SFX, KURZ ensures your products stand out with unparalleled sophistication and allure. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, KURZ is your trusted partner in elevating your brand to new heights of success.

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