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KURZ is a pioneer in advancing hot and cold stamping technology while also shaping the digital future of finishing. By embracing the latest trends and exploring new markets, they continuously seek fresh horizons, perspectives and opportunities to enhance your printing and finishing capabilities.

Today, transfer decoration technologies offer unparalleled possibilities for enhancing your products. As a global innovator in transfer decoration technologies and the world leader in digital embellishment and functional printing, KURZ provides cutting-edge solutions relevant for both current demands and future challenges.

Explore the future of print finishing with KURZ and embark on a journey of limitless potential. Discover new horizons and embrace the boundless opportunities that await the exciting possibilities of tomorrow’s finishing technologies. Join us as we redefine possibilities and set new standards in the world of print finishing.

Introducing KURZ Digital Metal

KURZ’s DIGITAL METAL® concept revolutionises metallic decoration in print finishing. Featuring stamping foils with elegant, real metal, DIGITAL METAL® offers digital printing capabilities for the first time, eliminating set-up times and the need for tools while providing exciting design possibilities. Experience the future of metallic finishes with DIGITAL METAL® as it enables individual motifs and variable data, offering unparalleled flexibility in achieving the perfect metallic touch through digital processing.

KURZ’s DIGITAL METAL® concept revolutionises metallic decoration in print finishing

DIGITAL METAL® allows you to create digitally printed products and packaging with real metal effects. The easy-to-process digital transfer finishing reproduces your motifs at extremely high gloss levels, with world-class resolution and sharp edges. The foil transfer process is entirely digital and can be overprinted digitally or conventionally, granting versatility to explore various print options.

Our holistic concept with surface finishing, machines and software is easy to implement and is efficient, providing new perspectives and opening up interesting new business areas.

The benefits of DIGITAL METAL®

  • Extreme high gloss
  • Super fine definition
  • Easily over printable
  • Huge variety of colours and metallic shades
  • Compatible with most toner/ink based materials
Metallic printing finishes with Kurz Digital Metal

Experience real simplicity with KURZ Digital Transfer

KURZ digital transfer allows you to take on customised, metallic-gloss print jobs – from small batches to bulk production. Print on Demand is a key feature of digital transfer printing, offering fast printing speeds, quick job switches and no additional tool or set-up costs. The KURZ digital printing machine modules are the speedsters in digital transfer finishing, providing state-of-the-art solutions from a single source: digital print machine modules, glossy digital transfer coatings, customised inks and efficiency-boosting software.

DIGITAL METAL® is not just a product – it’s a concept, a thoughtful strategy to fulfil all your needs in digital transfer. From finishing technology to time-saving software and breath-taking designs, we aim to make your work easier.

Discover your benefits with KURZ:

  • Customised metallic finishing
  • Mass customisation and individualisation
  • Individual label and packaging designs
  • Suitable for small runs, special editions, or different product series
  • Brilliantly highlighted variable data
  • Impressive high gloss effects
  • Late stage customisation

Digital Metal sustainability benefits

DIGITAL METAL® is our all-around carefree package for your digital print finishing, offering sustainability benefits such as reduced energy input, minimised set-up time, and less waste due to smaller test runs. The storage or purchase of stamping dies is also avoided, contributing to a more sustainable printing process. Synchron Markings is the local distributor for KURZ in southern Africa, contact us today for more information on

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