Rethink what’s possible at drupa 2024

drupa 2024 is taking place from 28 May until 7 June in Dusseldorf, near Messe Dusseldorf. Make sure you visit KURZ’s stand in Hall 3, Booth E71-1 and discover the future of embellishment.

Dive into a world of packaging decoration

At drupa 2024, Kurz embraces the mantra ‘Rethink What’s Possible’ not just as a slogan, but as a guiding principle driving continuous product development and innovation. As a global leader in surface decoration, Kurz sets the industry standard by combining creativity with technology, desire with budget, safety with style, virtuality with reality, and design with sustainability. By pushing the boundaries and merging diverse elements, Kurz delivers exceptional embellishment solutions that redefine possibilities in the graphic industry.

Creativity and Technology – falling in love

Creativity and technology go hand in hand. As a specialist in surface decoration, KURZ develops unique finishes and creates outstanding, individual solutions. In addition, they offer the right embellishment equipment and tools to push the boundaries of technology. They make creativity and technology fall in love. Are you looking for unique effects, strong colours or tactile experiences to achieve outstanding print and packaging designs? KURZ lives innovation and will offer you the best possible products and solutions.

Diffractive and holographic 3D effects in packaging

No limits for creativity in print and packaging

Explore limitless possibilities: from sleek matte to dazzling high-gloss finishes, from striking metallisation to captivating diffractive and holographic 3D effects – KURZ’s products offer unparalleled versatility. Whether you prefer subtle embossing or an immersive tactile journey, they are committed to making every product exceptional. It’s not just their mission; it’s a pledge.

• LUXOR® / ALUFIN®: The epitome of high-gloss elegance
• LIGHT LINE®: Mesmerizing diffractive rainbow effects
• SILVER LINE®: Introducing chic achromatic designs
• LUMAFIN®: Delve into the world of semi-transparent layers
• COLORIT®: Vibrant hues for bold and impactful designs

Embellishment for all needs

KURZ is not only an expert when it comes to transfer products, but also has extensive expertise in machine manufacturing. Together with its subsidiaries Steinemann DPE, MPRINT and H+M, KURZ is your competent partner for innovative embellishment technologies and tools. At drupa 2024, you can experience their expertise in digital embellishment and digital printing in various live demonstrations.


  • DM-MAXLINER 3D for haptic digital embellishment, UV spot and relief varnishing
  • DM-MAXLINER 2D for digital metallisation on an outstanding variety of substrates
  • DM-SMARTLINER for smart and efficient digital metallisation
  • MPRINT 4C inkjet printing unit for late stage customisation.
Haptic digital embellishment for print and packaging

Bringing virtuality and reality together: A match made in innovation

Imagine being able to virtually design your packaging and preview real design effects right on your screen. Picture digitally tracking your products transparently throughout the entire supply chain. KURZ’s digital solutions elevate tactile products and provide you with a competitive edge at the point of sale. At KURZ, they bring virtuality and reality together, creating a powerful synergy for a successful future. Let our digital solutions exceed your expectations.

Digital solutions to upgrade your product

Digitalisation is and will continue to be increasingly important in the future. That’s why KURZ combines their products with digital elements to adapt them to customer needs. From a simple, digital ordering process, to the creation of digital mock-ups and a digital product passport for greater transparency: Immerse yourself in the virtual world of KURZ and discover futureproof solutions to upgrade haptic products.

  • Customer portal: Flexible and transparent ordering process
  • DREAMCOMPOSER®: Virtual 3D models for visualising real embellishment effects
  • Optimised workflow solutions: Barrier-free, easy to use, accessible worldwide
  • Digital product passport: Transparent traceability of the entire product life cycle.

Real benefits through digital solutions

Digital workflow solutions make our daily work much easier. KURZ’s products thrive on colours, shapes and the haptic experience, but in order to create future-oriented added value for customers, KURZ enhances their haptic products with digital components. In reality, their digital solutions offer customers a wide range of benefits, which include:

  • Cost-saving: No need to create expensive, physical mock-ups
  • More efficient: Fast and easy digital ordering process
  • High transparency: Simple traceability with our Digital Product Passport

Desire and budget – becoming best friends

Are high customer demands at the point of sale (POS) truly compatible with cost-optimised production? KURZ says ‘yes’ with their innovative ECOFIN® product range, designed to transform your products into cost-efficient showstoppers. With ECOFIN®, they bridge the gap between consumer desire and budget constraints, ensuring both are perfectly aligned. Moreover, KURZ has successfully reduced the thickness of the PET carrier from 12µm to 10µm, and even further to 6µm, significantly minimising the carbon footprint of the entire process. Discover how you can elevate your POS performance with their ECOFIN® transfer product range, all while prioritising efficiency and sustainability.

Variety of KURZ printing embellishment on show at drupa 2024
Pigmented effects for POS packaging products

Nothing left to be desired

KURZ’s solutions are tailored to exceed expectations and ensure products stand out as sales drivers. From intricate detailing to expansive metallisation, their offerings deliver a wow-effect, boasting high-gloss finishes that excel even on recycled cardboard. The ECOFIN® product range maintains KURZ’s tradition of excellence and is now available for both hot stamping and cold transfer applications in web- and sheet-fed formats. Additionally, sustainability remains at the forefront, as evidenced by the reduction in transfer carrier thickness, resulting in minimised waste material.

  • ECOFIN®: Available for cold transfer, web- and sheet-fed
  • Sustainability: Reduced transfer carrier material from 12µm to 10µm (hot stamping) and down to 6µm (cold transfer, web-fed)
  • Wow-effects: Available in an exclusive selection of limited gold and silver shades

High quality on a budget

High-quality finishing is cost-effective. KURZ’s ECOFIN® qualities have been developed to meet the latest requirements as customised, gainful and sustainable products. Are you looking for affordable first-class finishing products and efficient processes? Is environmentally friendly and sustainable production important to you? ECOFIN® is manufactured in Asia and reaches customers quickly and efficiently via the shortest routes.

Benefits include:

  • Material saving solutions
  • Cost-efficient manufacturing processes
  • High-quality results as usual

Security and style

At KURZ, security meets style seamlessly. Whether it’s dazzling holograms or vibrant RFID and NFC labels safeguarding your products from counterfeiting, security measures need not compromise on aesthetics. KURZ specialises in crafting bespoke security solutions tailored for cosmetics, luxury goods, consumer products and electronics. With their innovative security solutions, safeguard your brand integrity while ensuring easy identification of authentic products. Explore how they elevate security features to not only provide protection but also add a touch of sophistication.

How do you make your products counterfeit-proof?

Safety first: Colour-intensive, iridescent or diffractive security labels not only attract attention, but protect your products. KURZ develops customised security solutions for various security levels. At drupa 2024, KURZ will showcase why they are your first port of call when it comes to elegant security solutions for your products. Find out the latest features and innovations for brand protection for all industries:

  • DynaKey: Multifunctional security feature for various industries
  • ValiGate®: Optimum counterfeit protection and first-class security marking

Additionally, KURZ’s newest anti-counterfeiting development for government tax revenue purposes is:


  • Diffractive tax stamp paper: Cost-efficient, sustainable, tamper-proof
Semi-transparent effects by KURZ enable attention-grabbing aspects to packaging

Stylish eye-catching safety features from KURZ

Each KURZ security label is meticulously tailored to meet their customer’s unique requirements. Their dedicated designers collaborate closely with clients to craft stylish security labels that seamlessly integrate with their brand, whether applied to packaging or directly on the product itself. Explore their exceptional real 3D effects, featuring captivating depth and striking imagery that commands attention. Discover their innovative security concepts first hand at drupa 2024, where their SFX and Lens solutions elevate products to new heights. With precise detailing and irresistible allure, your product is guaranteed to stand out on the shelf.

  • TRUSTSEAL® SFX: Magical transparent, metallised or coloured 3D effects
  • Design and Sustainability – sharing one future

Is high quality design compatible with sustainability? In fact, products embellished with KURZ transfer finishes are recyclable, as no plastic film remains on the packaging or label after the finishing process. KURZ takes sustainability seriously: For example, they have reduced the thickness of their transfer carrier, and at the same time found a solution to convert residual PET material into a new raw material.

Design for the future

Packaging design plays a decisive role in the brand experience. KURZ is at the cutting edge: Their innovative and attractive product and design concepts reflect current trends. Their design management team develops new KURZ trends each year and works at the interface between creatives and the industry, to combine aesthetics with sustainability. Learn more about their sustainable design solutions at drupe 2024, such as:

  • Trendsetting designs and inspiration
  • Innovative, sustainable design solutions
  • They support you from the initial idea to the finished product.

Elevating sustainability across every stage

KURZ’s commitment to sustainability extends across every facet of their operations, from manufacturing processes to product application. With a comprehensive 360-degree approach to sustainable management, they’re leading the charge towards a greener future. At KURZ, sustainability is not just a promise; it’s a way of life.

Join us at drupa 2024 to learn more about how our sustainable practices can give you a competitive edge. Synchron Markings will also be available on KURZ’s stand.


Discover KURZ’s sustainable initiatives:

  • RECOSYS® 2.0: An innovative recycling program that transforms residual PET material into rPET, reducing waste and promoting circularity.
  • Ultra-Thin Carrier Material: Through advancements in technology, they’ve reduced the thickness of their transfer carrier, enhancing efficiency while minimising environmental impact. Their cold transfer area now boasts a carrier thickness of just 6µm, while the hot stamping area features a reduced thickness of 10µm.
  • Plastic-Free End Products: With KURZ decoration, there’s no compromise on recyclability. Their products, including KURZ TRANSFER METALLIZATION (KTM), maintain recyclability without the need for additional plastic film.

KURZ’s expert talks will be taking place at drupa, save the dates:

Tuesday, 28 May: Design meets Ecology and Economy:
Unlocking the Potential of Cold Transfer for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Wednesday, 29 May: Sweet & Protected:
A smart combination of Design and digitally printed brand protection

Thursday, 30 May: Redefining Embellishment:
How attractive embellishment, enhanced recyclability and reduced CO2 Footprint go hand in hand

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