Textile foils for glamorous appearances: Enhancing fashion through decoration

Fashion meets technology with metallised foils. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, designers are constantly seeking new ways to push boundaries and create stunning, eye-catching designs. One exciting trend that has emerged is the use of metallised foils to achieve glamorous metal effects on various textiles, artificial leather and even genuine leather. KURZ, a leading provider of special-purpose foils, offers a vast portfolio of metallised and pigmented colours, as well as decorative designs, allowing designers to transform fabrics into captivating works of art.

KURZ’s product lines, including LUXOR®/ALUFIN®, LIGHT LINE®, and COLORTEX, are renowned for their brilliant colours and ability to enhance textiles in a uniquely attractive manner. By combining state-of-the-art technology with extensive market knowledge, KURZ ensures the high quality of their foils, making them a must-have for both designers and fashionistas alike.

Look and feel of beauty products packaging is important to the end consumer

Granting your products a touch of glamour

With KURZ foils, your outfits can become real must-haves. Whether you’re designing a casual ensemble, sportswear or an elegant evening gown, the elegant foil options provided by KURZ are guaranteed to make your creations stand out. The secret behind KURZ’s success lies in the combination of high-quality foil technology and a robust bonding agent, ensuring that your designs not only look stunning but also withstand the test of time.

Stamp finishing for cosmetics from KURZ

Enhancing fashion through decoration
In addition to their use in creating glamorous metal effects, metallised foils are also commonly employed in the decoration of textiles, such as T-shirts. This process involves the use of transfer presses, which apply heat and pressure to bond the foil to the pre-treated fabric or artificial leather. To ensure a successful transfer, the textile needs to be pre-treated with suitable adhesives.

During the transfer process, the heat and pressure release the lacquer package from the carrier film, allowing the heat-sensitive adhesive to instantly bond with the pre-treated textile or artificial leather. It’s important to note the adhesive of the foil will only adhere to the areas where the adhesive is printed, ensuring precise and intricate designs.

Attractive effects for cosmetic packaging

Understanding foil technology

The successful transfer of the foil onto the substrate requires the precise application of heat and pressure. This can be achieved through the use of heat transfer calenders or single roll calenders. In a typical heat transfer calender, the substrate (adhesive printed fabric or artificial leather) and the foil are fed together into the calender and pass around a heated drum with a felt pressure belt.

To ensure an even and complete transfer, it is essential to have consistent pressure across the entire surface of the substrate. Therefore, an additional pressure roller is installed against the back of the felt, guaranteeing a flawless transfer. Some manufacturers may also incorporate extra top and bottom nip rollers at the beginning or end of the process to further optimise the foil transfer.

Enhancing cosmetic packaging with stamping technology

The use of metallised foils in fashion has revolutionised the way designers create glamorous appearances in their collections. KURZ offers designers the opportunity to incorporate stunning metal effects and captivating designs into textiles, artificial leather and genuine leather. By combining cutting-edge technology with a robust bonding agent, KURZ ensures their foils not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of fashion products but also provide durability and longevity. Whether it’s a casual outfit or an exquisite evening gown, the application of metallised foils can elevate any design, making it a true showstopper on the runway and beyond.

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